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Owner of paint shop holding completed painted bike in front of tools

Jack’s exposure to bikes began at a young age. He has been riding bikes since he could walk, starting with BMX as a child. Once he got to college his riding became more recreational but his interest in bikes continued to grow. He became obsessed with customizing bikes and had an infatuation with the idea of having a one-of-a-kind machine.

After college, he traveled overseas. During his travels, Jack worked in various bike shops and continued to hone his craftsmanship for bike mechanics and knowledge of the industry. This was where he got the idea to paint bikes and did his first paint job on his personal road bike.

Once he got back to the states, he hit the ground running with the knowledge he gained through his experiences while overseas. He networked with the cycling community in his hometown and built strong relationships with people in the community.

Recognition of the quality of his work began to get around through word of mouth in the cycling community and soon enough there was an influx of demand for his work.

The Process

Here at JRVD we believe in full transparency with our clients. We want you to trust that your bike is in good hands from the minute it arrives through our doors.
Please see below for detailed information regarding our process.

Once your bike arrives at JRVD it goes through the 3 P's



After we have come to a design consensus and you have received a quote for the job, you can ship the frame or bike*
*There will be extra charges for disassembly and reassembly if the whole bike is shipped
You will be responsible for all shipping fees of items being sent to JRVD. The shipping cost of items sent back to you from JRVD will be included in the final invoice.

Once we receive the frame and the bike is disassembled it is sanded down to the bare metal.

An additional labor fee will be applied for carbon fiber frames as this process must be done by hand, whereas aluminum and steel bikes can be media blasted and requires less prep time.

Orange bike being sanded down


The paint portion of the process is broken down into three parts; prime, color, and clear


Every frame is primed with a 2k urethane primer. This step helps to ensure that the frame is protected, improves paint adhesion, and also fills in any minor cosmetic damages on the frame (i.e small scratches)


This is where the vision of your bike begins to come to life! To ensure the longevity of our work we use professional, automotive-grade paint exclusively from House of Kolor and Sherwin Williams ATX.

House of Kolor with over 1,000 color options and ATX being able to color match any color, your bike is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and stand out on the peloton.

This is your bike and it should reflect who you are as a rider. We are able to customize it with any decals or designs. All decals, logos, and designs are painted on to ensure they survive even the roughest of riding conditions. No stickers are used at any point in our process.


After the color stage, it's time to seal in all the work we've done and bring out its full luster.

We use 2k urethane clear. When fully cured* it protects from scratches and chips. This stage also helps protect your bike's custom paint job from UV rays in the long term. You have a choice of either a gloss or matte finish clear coat.

*Please note full curation of the clear coat may take up to 1-2 months after your frame has been completed. We advise you use extra precautions with sharp objects around the frame until the bike is fully cured.
Yellow and blue getting the clear coat painted on in a paint booth


House ok Kolor paints logoSherwin Williams automotive paint logo


Please note this stage of the process is only applicable if you opt for a high-gloss finish.

Before we do a three-stage polish process on your bike, we go in and re-sand your frame with ultra-fine grit sandpaper. This extra sanding step ensures all orange peel is removed from the clear coat.

Once your frame has gone through the re-sanding process, we begin polishing your bike. We do a three-stage polishing process, all by hand. This ensures every spot of the frame is hit with the polisher.

This last step of the process guarantees a perfectly even, beautiful, luster throughout the entire frame.

White bike with blue waves detail being polished with polisher machine

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